Friday, June 5, 2020

Ideal Colors For All Rooms In Your Home, According To Psychologists

The color of the room where you are sitting can affect your positive energy according to psychology. While red can help you increase the intensity of your mind, blue can assure you. Painting a few rooms in a certain color can help you achieve what you want, it is helpful to strengthen vigorous work to develop passion, happiness or hunger. The rest whether you believe it or not.

Ideal colors for all rooms in your home, according to psychologists

Home interior colors for all rooms

Kitchen color | Yellow

Kitchen intireior color Yellow
For the kitchen: yellow. Yellow color increases the production of serotonin in the body and increases appetite, which makes it the most suitable color for the kitchen. This is also the reason why most restaurants are yellow.

Office or Gym color | Red

Office or Gym wall color is Red
According to experts, red makes people more productive. When working in an office or a red room, the speed and reaction power of a person increase. If you are interested in what color you should choose in your gym or home office, then it is best to strive for red.

Bedroom color | Blue

Bedroom wall color Blue
For your bedroom: blue. Blue color can calm you and fill the room with calm. Blue is one of the most relaxing colors that reduces heart rate. Since your bedroom is the place where you need to relax, dyeing it blue is a good idea.

Hallways color | Gray

Hallways wall color Gray
For hallways: gray. According to Susan Bednar Long, a famous interior designer, the gray color is best for hallways, as it is neutral with respect to other rooms. It is simple, but elegant and changes colors with light, giving your home a unique look.

Workshop or Study room color | Lilac or purple

Workshop or Study room wall color Lilac or purple
For the workshop or study room: lilac. Lilac or purple hue are closely related to imagination, and creativity. Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increases 10 times when it is performed in purple light. Painting your creative room or study room will surely give you a creative boost.

Living room color | Orange

Living room wall color Orange
For the living room: orange. Orange can cause you to delight and enthusiasm, while also causing a feeling of warmth.

Children's Rooms color | Green

Children's Rooms wall color Green
For children's rooms: Bright green. The color that you choose your child’s room can really affect their development. Because of this, the most suitable color for children's rooms is green. It has a calming effect.

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