Nicobar Pigeon — The Closest Relative Of The Extinct Dodo Bird

The Nicobar pigeon is one of the most beautiful representatives of the family of pigeons and the last surviving Nicobar pigeon of the same genus. The Nicobar pigeon is the closest relative of the extinct flightless dodo bird.

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Hess Triangle - The Small Piece Of Private Property In New York

The Hess triangle is a smallest piece of private property which puzzling little triangular mosaic sits on the sidewalk across from the entrance to the Village Cigars tobacco shop on the corner of Christopher Street and 7th Avenue in New York City, with the inscription: "Hess Heritage Property Which Has Never Been Dedicated For Public Purposes".

 The Small Piece Of Private Property In New York

Needle and Thread Embroidery Stitches by Embroidery Artist Jūra Gric

Lithuanian-based embroidery artist Jūra Gric, she threads nature's colors through needle and thread onto a fabric. Her embroidery stitches that look like painting strokes and convey 3D light and shading. Each hoop is a colorful nature canvas. This hand embroidery pattern takes a lot of time in search of a genuine and beautiful embroidery art design which shows the concentration and mental stability of the embroidery artist.

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12 Girls Who Decided To Radically Change Their Hairstyles

Long hair is very beautiful and feminine. But sometimes the hair loses its strength and looks very messy even when very long. Stylists suggest not to be afraid of a radical change in the image and choose stylish model haircuts that allow you to rejuvenate a woman and give her charm.

Before And After Haircut

12 women who decided to radically change their hairstyles


Huangluo Village | The Longest Hair Village Of China

The Yao tribe is one of the ethnic minority groups in China. They have many different ethnic groups, living mainly in mountainous areas of southern China’s Guangxi province, where there are majestic nature and abundant resources in this Chinese village "Huangluo". Yao women are dressed in red and proudly show off long black hair, which is why Huangluo has been recognized by Guinness Records as the "people with the women who have the longest hair in the world." Worlds longest hair.

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20 Proofs That Perfect Proportions Exist

Keeping things in order sequentially increases work efficiency. It also relaxes the mind to see. But it is common for things to be unstable in work. If we put things in order after completion of work, then on the second day, our working day will definitely start smoothly. It is either a matter of work, but if any architectural or shape is truly perfect, then the eyes get a lot of rest. Assuming this, we are presenting 20 such pictures to you today.
20 Proofs That Perfect Proportions Exist

Why People Are Attracted To Labyrinths

The Scandinavian pagans believed that by going through the labyrinth, you can cope with difficulties, strengthen your protection and gain good luck. For believers, it symbolizes the path to God and the way of atonement for sins. Labyrinths were built in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Smithsonian magazine discusses why mazes are so attractive these days, and where to find an interesting maze for enlightenment or a leisurely walk.

Why people are attracted to labyrinths

Husky Cafe Thailand

Huskies have long won universal love. These dogs are very kind by nature and will never bite a person. Making such a friend at home is a lot of work and responsibility, but spending an hour in a company with several huskies is great fun. Visitors to the True Love Cafe in Bangkok have this opportunity . People come here not only to have a snack, but also to be distracted by playing with a dozen of the cutest dogs.

Husky cafe thailand
Cafe husky

Incredible Stone Painting By Stefano Furlani

Have you seen the stone mosaic? Perhaps when you were younger, you used stones to fill the shapes or patterns you wanted. But in fact, as long as you pay attention, you will find that the color and shape of each stone is unique. It is an Italian artist who discovered an unusual abnormality of stones. When Stefano Furlani went to the beach to play with his three-year-old child, he was attracted to things offered by nature, and through proper imagination, he discovered this strangeness. Special gemstones of geometric figures-stones. Tying them together, they began to build more and more elaborate and intricate creations, looking for stones of suitable size on the beach and using them to create their own unique and beautiful works.

Wonderful Stone Paintings of Stefano Furlani

Simon Yeung Abandoned Places Photography

Simon Yeung is a photographer who tells very little about himself, but still became famous throughout the Internet. His photographs, which capture abandoned places from different parts of Europe, Central Asia and the United States, are spreading at lightning speed across the network. Simon spent many months traveling, searching and photographing devastated locations. From these photographs, you can collect the image of a planet abandoned by man.

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Nicobar Pigeon — The Closest Relative Of The Extinct Dodo Bird

The Nicobar pigeon is one of the most beautiful representatives of the family of pigeons and the last surviving Nicobar pigeon of the same g...