Pip The Gentleman | The Male Model Over 50 Years

If you thought that being a model was a young business, then you are wrong. A mature Englishman "Philip Pip"managed to become a popular model after 50 years. The man's life changed dramatically when students invited him to take part in a project in which they needed a textured man in the image of a stylish middle-aged gentleman. Then he was noticed by photographers and dozens of offers from various agencies in Britain fell on the Englishman.

The middle-aged  teacher Philip Pip started his modelling career at 50

Best Drone Photography Of 2020

Best drone photography of 2020 | Thanks to the winners of the 2020 Drone Photo Awards for the best drone photography, organized as part of the prestigious Siena Awards Festival, we can see the world in a new way!

Winner, Nature Category: Gray Whale Games

Facts About Laughter

A well-known proverb says: "Laughter is the best medicine" Is it so? Is this statement supported by science? Read on to find out if laughter is truly healing. But that's not all. Below are thirty-three surprising facts about laughter. So let's not waste time and get started.

Facts About Laughter

Makeup Artist Transforms Her Face Into Incredible Optical Illusions

Hannah Grace from the UK takes up to 11 hours to create another incredible optical illusion on her face. Hannah's profession has nothing to do with makeup. The woman works as a chef and and live with her son. A few years ago, Hannah suddenly became interested in the art of makeup and became a self-taught makeup artist.

At first, Hannah just painted her face for fun, but then she found that she could easily transform one person into another with the help of brushes and makeup. Gradually, she began to master new topics and realized that she loved optical illusions the most.

Hannah Grace Transforms her face into incredible optical illusions

Lee Jin Seo | Korean Girl With Cute Face and Scary Body

Lee Jin Seo is a fitness model and trainer from Seoul, South Korea. She has 94.6K fans on Instagram, thanks to her athletic figure and sweet face. This Muscular barbie girl devoted her life to sports, She works every day in the gym for the "perfect body", no matter if she prepares for the championship or not. Each time she believes that she has reached the ideal, bust as soon as she goes on stage. She became like a mountain of muscles and her puppet face began to resonate strongly with a formidable physique. One way or another, the athlete is not going to stop and she is not interested in public criticism.

Lee Jin Seo

Celebrities Transform Into Disney Characters Using Neural Networks

Toonify is a service that transform any face into disney characters or cartoon charactersNeural networks have become very popular entertainment these days. This time, users decided to turn celebrities into Disney characters. The algorithm works in a rather strange way and the results are very funny. And sometimes even a little creepy. Let's get a look.

Faces Transform into Disney characters using neural networks

Nicobar Pigeon — The Closest Relative Of The Extinct Dodo Bird

The Nicobar pigeon is one of the most beautiful representatives of the family of pigeons and the last surviving Nicobar pigeon of the same genus. The Nicobar pigeon is the closest relative of the extinct flightless dodo bird.

Nicobar Pigeon, The closest relative of the extinct dodo birds, Colorful Pigeon, closest living relative, nicobar pigeon relate to the dodo

Hess Triangle - The Small Piece Of Private Property In New York

The Hess triangle is a smallest piece of private property which puzzling little triangular mosaic sits on the sidewalk across from the entrance to the Village Cigars tobacco shop on the corner of Christopher Street and 7th Avenue in New York City, with the inscription: "Hess Heritage Property Which Has Never Been Dedicated For Public Purposes".

 The Small Piece Of Private Property In New York

Needle and Thread Embroidery Stitches by Embroidery Artist Jūra Gric

Lithuanian-based embroidery artist Jūra Gric, she threads nature's colors through needle and thread onto a fabric. Her embroidery stitches that look like painting strokes and convey 3D light and shading. Each hoop is a colorful nature canvas. This hand embroidery pattern takes a lot of time in search of a genuine and beautiful embroidery art design which shows the concentration and mental stability of the embroidery artist.

embroidery artist, needle and thread, embroidery stitches, hand embroidery pattern, embroidery art design, embroidery artist

12 Girls Who Decided To Radically Change Their Hairstyles

Long hair is very beautiful and feminine. But sometimes the hair loses its strength and looks very messy even when very long. Stylists suggest not to be afraid of a radical change in the image and choose stylish model haircuts that allow you to rejuvenate a woman and give her charm.

Before And After Haircut

12 women who decided to radically change their hairstyles


Pip The Gentleman | The Male Model Over 50 Years

If you thought that being a model was a young business, then you are wrong. A mature Englishman " Philip Pip "managed to become a ...