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7 Foods that harm your brain

Who does not want to maintain clarity of mind until old age? This is quite possible if you regularly “exercise” the brain and provide it with the right diet. First of all, exclude these seven foods from the diet.

7 Foods that harm your brain

7 Harmful diet for your brain

Sausages and smoked meats

Processed animal proteins disrupt the nervous system, so you should avoid sausages or at least minimize their consumption. It’s better to include healthy proteins, such as fish, dairy products, nuts ^ in your diet, and your brain will respond with proper functioning.

Fried food

As a rule, such products contain too many chemical additives, flavor enhancers and preservatives that adversely affect brain function. And they are also fried in a large amount of harmful oil - sunflower or rapeseed, which gradually destroy the nervous system. It is much more useful to cook food on the grill, bake or stew and add to it, if desired, useful oil: olive, linseed, pumpkin.


If you think that any sweet improves brain function, then we will come to you with important information! Abuse of foods high in sucrose and fructose is actually harmful to the brain. Yes, sweets stimulate a short-term increase in activity, but in the long run it causes inflammatory processes, which leads to a decrease in cognitive functions.

Foods that harm your brain


It turns out that not only sugar, but also sweeteners have earned poor fame among specialists in brain research. With prolonged use, artificial sweeteners cause a decrease in concentration and the ability to absorb information. 

Trans fats

Foods with the addition of trans fats are the worst enemies of our body. They cause an increase in the level of "bad" cholesterol, heart problems and metabolic failures. But our brain also suffers from trans fats. Abuse of such food increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease due to the destruction of cerebral vessels. Is the short-term pleasure of junk food worth the consequences?


Drinking alcohol negatively affects the condition of not only the liver, but also the nervous system. It prevents us from thinking and evaluating the situation adequately, worsens our memory and “sways” our mood. Research suggests that alcohol destroys brain cells, of course, it all depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and the susceptibility of your body, but you should not risk it.

Fast food

Fast foods contain a lot of saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, sugar and salt - all these components are known to have a detrimental effect on brain cells. Studies have confirmed that fast food consumption changes the chemical composition of the brain, can lead to anxiety and irritability, and impair cognitive function and memory.

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