Thursday, June 3, 2021

Comparative satellite images of Earth's changes over the past 36 years

 The first update since 2017 has appeared in Google Earth - in the Timelapse service, and you can now see how different parts of the planet have changed over time. This was made possible by 24 million satellite images from 1984 to 2020. All these frames were collected into one large video mosaic, which became the world's largest video. Its size is 4.4 terapixels, which is about 530 thousand 4K videos. To showcase the results of this impressive work, Google shared comparisons of how cities, forests, and glaciers have changed over 36 years of filming.

Google earth pictures

Google earth pictures

According to Google, such a project helps to observe the development of cities and show man's influence on the world around it. As cities grow, forests are cleared, and glaciers are melt. Frist image Google earth

Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE - 1984
Dubai, UAE -2020

Pearl River Delta, China
Pearl River Delta, China - 1984
Pearl River Delta, China - 2020

Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas, USA - 1984
Las Vegas, USA - 2020

Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China - 1984
Shanghai, China - 2020

Singapore - 1984
Singapore - 2020

Recently, NASA released images from the satellites, which also showed the changes on our planet over the past few years.

But what changes have happened to the forests - for example, Newflo de Chavez, Bolivia
Newflo de Chavez, Bolivia - 1984
Google earth
Newflo de Chavez, Bolivia - 2020

Mato Grosso, Brazil
Mato Grosso, Brazil - 1984
Google earth
Mato Grosso, Brazil - 2020

Enright, Oregon, USA
Enright, Oregon, USA - 1984
Google earth
Enright, Oregon, USA - 2020

Atzimo Andrefana, Madagascar
Atzimo Andrefana, Madagascar - 1984
Google earth
Atzimo Andrefana, Madagascar - 2020

Sarah, Bolivia
Sarah, Bolivia - 1984
Google earth
Sarah, Bolivia - 2020
Google earth

Google earth photos

The coronavirus has also contributed to the way the Earth began to look from space. Here are some videos and images that have been affected by the change in the pace of life in large cities due to the pandemic.

How glaciers melted in different parts of the planet. 
Canada, province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Canada, province of Newfoundland and Labrador - 1984
Google earth
Canada, province of Newfoundland and Labrador - 1984

Columbia Glacier, Alaska, USA
Columbia Glacier, Alaska, USA - 1984
Google earth
Columbia Glacier, Alaska, USA -  2020

Milius-Erichsen Land, Greenland
Milius-Erichsen Land, Greenland - 1984
Google earth
Milius-Erichsen Land, Greenland -2020

You can watch the video, which will show in detail how all these places have changed over the course of 36 years, here .

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