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11 Beautiful Places in South Korea

South Korea is a unique country where the modern high-tech era intertwines with ancient buildings carefully guarded by the state. The sights of South Korea are ancient palaces, fantastic nature, and modern metropolises. So what to see in South Korea if you are in this country for the first time? Especially for you, we have selected the most exciting places in this colourful Asian country.

Sightseeing in South Korea

Sightseeing in South Korea

1. Gyeongbokgung (Seoul)
Gyeongbokgung is the country's main palace, which many rightly call the Korean Kremlin.
Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

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Gyeongbokgung is the country's main palace, which many rightly call the Korean Kremlin. The palace itself was built in the XIV century. For several reasons, he constantly changed his appearance. Most of the buildings that make up Gyeongbokgung are made of wood.

On the way to this South Korean landmark, several monuments are dedicated to a medieval admiral named Lee Sung Xing. It was he who at one time invented the battleships. Also a monument near the entrance to the palace, which was erected in honour of the ruler Sachnozh, who created the Korean writing system. Behind this figure, there is a gate that opens the way to the sight. The gates are three entrances at once. The main entrance is always closed, as it is intended for the rightful ruler.

02. Changdeokgung Palace
the foot of Eagle Peak to admire the beauty of Changdeokgung
Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul
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Many excursions in Seoul include a hike to Changdeokgung Palace. He was one of the few who managed to keep his original appearance. The palace constantly had to be rebuilt and restored, but the craftsmen tried to preserve the authentic look of the building during the work. Thanks to this, this sight of South Korea even today manages to convey the architectural style that the Joseon dynasty adhered to. Emperor Sunjon, who is remembered in history as the last monarch of the country, lived within the palace walls until his death. In 1955, the architectural monument was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The territory of the palace turned out to be quite picturesque. This result was achieved because, during the construction, it was necessary to reckon with the non-standard terrain.

Thousands of tourists come to the foot of Eagle Peak to admire the beauty of Changdeokgung. Locals continue to believe that this region has a unique energy that once filled the bodies of the departed emperors with fantastic strength and knowledge. Thanks to this, they could wisely rule the whole country for many years.
03. Hwaseong Fortress (Suwon)
The "Diamond Fortress" (another name for the palace) has many palace buildings and former high watchtowers - 40 buildings.
Watchtower and part of the Hwaseong fortress wall
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The "Diamond Fortress" (another name for the palace) has many palace buildings and former high watchtowers - 40 buildings. You are all four main points as you pass through the majestic gates located around the periphery of the palace. It is still possible to find walkways longer than five kilometres.

One part of the fortifications is located on the top, while the other is on steep hills. However, a special tram may come to help the passengers.

The fort was awarded the title of "Blooming" for its picturesque panoramic views. The mighty stone walls of the palace stand proudly amidst the lush green gardens.

04. Jeju Island (Korea Strait)
Jeju's countless treasures are volcanic rocks that have absorbed the history of over four hundred million years.
Black basalt stone sculptures on Jeju Island
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Jeju's countless treasures are volcanic rocks that have absorbed the history of over four hundred million years. There are several extinct volcanoes on the island, the most famous of which is called Hallasan.

Another natural feature of Jeju is an absolute riot of the elements when the most powerful gusts of wind roam freely among the rocks. The island also became famous for the distinctive national character of the residents. After all, here, the main earner is a woman, and a man does housework and brings up children. And the islanders themselves are already specific sights of South Korea, with their curious local dialect, which sometimes even native Koreans do not understand.

In addition to the breathtaking island nature, with its waterfalls and mountain caves, tangerine plantations, bonsai and orchids, the unusual stone sculptures - giant three-meter tolharubans, considered the guardians of Jeju. Also, the famous Bridge of Seven Nymphs. 

05. Namisom Island (Jeonpyeong Dam)
South Korea's natural attractions begin from Namisoma Island.
Colorful autumn landscape of Namisom island
South Korea's natural attractions begin from Namisoma Island. In the area, it occupies more than 450,000 m 2 and is a crescent moon. Namisom owes its appearance to the Jeonpyeong Dam.

Burial place of General Nami, who lived from 1441 to 1468. Behind him is the suppression of the uprising in 1467, when King Sezhuo of the Joseon dynasty ruled in the country. By the way, the name of the island comes from the name of this general.

The cable car, which was installed to draw attention to eco-tourism. Another distinctive feature of the island is the complete absence of telegraph poles. In addition to sightseeing, outdoor activities such as swimming in the pool, water skiing or rides in the park. Thanks to this, Namisom looks very natural.

06. Demilitarized Zone (4 km zone between South and North Korea)

Demilitarized Zone (4 km zone between South and North Korea)
Demilitarized Zone Facility
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The demilitarized zone. This is an area covering 4 km. It is located between two states - South and North Korea. The DMZ appeared in the summer of 1953 when a temporary truce was declared in the Korean War.

Imjingak Peace Park - It can accommodate more than 20,000 people at a time. Contains a large number of all kinds of displays and artifacts related to the Korean War.

Tunnel number 3 - It is a structure for the passage from North Korea to South Korea. They first learned about him in 1978. The length of the tunnel is impressive - 1635 m.

Panmunjom - This village, formerly known as Nolmuri, is located on the military demarcation line. There are two buildings in the town: one is white, and the other is blue. The UN military runs the first, and the North Korean army runs the second.

The demilitarized zone should not be the last place. Instead, it is a reminder of how far a war can take.

07. Seoul TV Tower (Seoul)
Seoul TV Tower (Seoul)
Seoul TV Tower
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Seoul TV Tower is a kind of observation deck. It is located on Namsan Mountain at an altitude of over 240 m. The tower is 236 m high. It turns out that it allows you to admire Seoul from a height of 479 m.

Construction of the structure began in 1969. In just two years, it was ready, and after another four years, a cafe, a museum, an observation deck, etc., were opened there. The first visitors appeared here in 1980.

A visit to the Seoul TV Tower is an unforgettable experience. The view that opens from it to the capital will amaze even the most sophisticated tourists. This explains the fact that more than 8 million people visit it every year.

The structure consists of 3 parts, each of which has its characteristics. For example, Lobby N has a living museum and gift shop. Tower N houses the unique Teddy Bear Museum, while Plaza N, which occupies two floors, offers a terrace and café. All the sights of South Korea, including the Seoul TV Tower, help get to know the history of the state and the life of modern people.

08. Olympic Park (Seoul)
Olympic Park (Seoul)
Olympic Park in Seoul
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In 1988, Korea was honoured to host the next Olympic Games. It was on this occasion that the Olympic Park was built. It accommodates gyms, health centers and various equipment rental points. The park covers an area of ​​at least a thousand hectares. Especially for the guests of Seoul, museums were built in this attraction of South Korea, so that visiting it was attractive and informative. 

There are more than two hundred sculptural and other figures that the best masters of modern art created. In the very center of the park square, there is a unique composition of various stones. They vary in size and origin. Each stone bears the signature of one of the participants in the past Olympiad. This composition, for many, has become the personification of the sports spirit and record victories.

09. Rainbow Fountain Bridge (Seoul)
Banpo Bridge / Moonlight Rainbow Fountain / South Korea
Banpo Bridge / Moonlight Rainbow Fountain / South Korea
Rainbow Fountain Bridge in color scheme in the center of Seoul
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These days, few people can be surprised by fountains. But the Korean masterpiece will surprise the most sophisticated tourist. The Rainbow Fountain Bridge is both a bridge and a fountain, combined into an original design and creating an unspeakable beauty spectacle. From the pipes installed on both sides of the Banpo Bridge along its entire length, streams of water burst out, which, describing a vast arc, noisily fall into the Hangang River. This spectacle is complemented by the illumination of water streams, which shimmers in different colours of the rainbow and creates a truly enchanting sight. Therefore, this creation is magnificent in the evening and at night if you observe it from the southern bank of the river. Banpo Bridge is two-tiered, and it is also interesting to be on its lower tier to feel as if inside a waterfall.

10. Lotte World Amusement Park (Seoul)

Lotte World Amusement Park (Seoul)
Seoul Lotte World
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Like several other unique properties, the world's largest indoor park is located in the capital city of Seoul. True, the Lotte company, which created the Lotte World amusement park, did not limit itself only to creating an indoor area. An open complex was also built - an entire island with countless attractions. The park's total area is 128 thousand square meters, and every year new entertainment, cafes, souvenir shops appear on its territory, so the complex continues to delight even those who have been there dozens of times. The covered area includes four above-ground floors with attractions, food courts, restaurants, and one underground with an ice rink. The open area is a variety of interests and cafes, as well as the fabulous Aurora Castle, where you can walk and watch the show.

11. Cheonggyecheon (Seoul)
Cheonggyecheon (Seoul)
Cheonggyecheon Stream is a popular stroll in downtown Seoul with locals and tourists
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Cheonggyecheon Park is one of the most suitable places: a recreation area with a length of about 10 kilometers is located right in the center of Seoul, along the stream of the same name. This is a real oasis among the stone jungles of the metropolis: along almost the entire length of the stream, there are alleys, benches, beautiful fountains, and in the evening and at night this place becomes truly magical, thanks to thoughtful lighting and flickering from the surrounding skyscrapers.

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