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Four of Thinnest House In The World

World's thinnest house

The narrowest houses in the world

Sometimes the architectural idea turns out to be so creative that it is very difficult to find an adequate explanation for this. Perhaps the so-called house-nails fit into this category. The phenomenon of these structures is that their width hardly exceeds a couple of meters. Of course, the reasons for creating such unusual houses are often non-trivial. Your attention "four" of the narrowest houses that can only be found on the planet.

The narrowest house in Brazil

narrowest house in the world

Brazilian three-storey building ... meter wide. / Photo:

Brazil is widely known for its own "nail house", the width of which turned out to be only one meter. Moreover, its height is as much as ten meters. On three floors of the building there is a kitchen, three bedrooms, a living room and even a veranda. In fact, apart from narrow passages, this house is no different from others. It is interesting that the house has been standing for many years, and the controversy around it does not subside at the official level. Even when the building began to be built, the local authorities were initially opposed to it ever appearing. However, in the end, permission was still obtained. True, the authorities did not come to a common decision, and the discussion of the legality of such a construction continues. And the house is still standing, and no one is going to demolish it yet.


House in Seattle

skinniest house in the world
Neighborhood wars can also leave such an unusual mark on history. / Photo:

The history of this unique wedge-shaped house began almost ninety-five years ago. There is no exact information regarding the reason for the construction, but the urban legend says that somehow the owner tried to sell his small plot, but the neighbors refused. It was then in spite of them that this house was erected.
thinnest house in the world
Plan of the narrowest house in Seattle. / Photo:

Plan of the narrowest house in Seattle. / Photo: Construction of the smallest house in Seattle was completed in 1925. As a result, the owner of the site erected a building with the front part of the facade four and a half meters wide, and the rear part less than one and a half meters. At the same time, the internal layout of the house contains several rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and everything that is necessary for a full stay there.


Richardson's house is the narrowest in New York

narrowest house in New York
The nail house was also in New York history. / Photo:

New York also boasts a strikingly narrow home. We are talking about the now defunct building on 82nd Lexington Street, built by Joseph Richardson. He owned a small piece of land between the houses, and no one wanted to buy it, so, again to spite the neighbors, Richardson built a full-fledged building there. The construction was completed in 1882.
narrowest house in New York
Sectional drawing of the narrowest house in New York. / Photo:

Sectional drawing of the narrowest house in New York. / Photo: Richardson's house was a building about eleven long and about one and a half meters wide. There are eight rooms in total on such an area. But New Yorkers did not appreciate such exoticism: for the entire existence of the house, they have not been inhabited, and the owner himself died in 1897. Therefore, the fate of the unique building turned out to be unenviable: it was simply demolished back in 1915.

Narrow house in Salzburg
Thinnest house in the world
The narrowest house is a symbol of love and perseverance. / Photo: wikiр

Unlike previous stories, Salzburg's narrowest house came about under very romantic circumstances. An urban legend says that a local guy was deeply in love with a girl. However, she said that she would agree to his proposal to get married only if the young man could get his own house.

Thinnest house in the world

The level of wit of the young man in love is amazing. / Photo:

But the young Austrian was poor, and he simply did not have the opportunity to purchase at least some housing. However, the lover was not going to give up: he decided to rebuild himself a house directly between two other houses. And, despite the astonishingly small amount of space, he succeeded in this idea. So, the story of this love was captured in urban folklore, and the narrow house is still considered the smallest building in Salzburg today.


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