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Budapest Short-Billed Turman - Unusual Pigeon breed


Budapest Short-Billed Turman - Creepy Pigeon

Pigeons live side by side with humans for many centuries, and during this time hundreds of various, sometimes unusual breeds have been bred. But one thing can be said - this is not the case when the ugly duckling eventually turns into a beautiful swan. A descendant of the common rock dove, the Budapest short-billed turman was bred mainly for decorative purposes, and the awkward-looking chicks remain almost the same, with only a few feathers growing with age. This "pug" of the pigeon world looks like a cartoon character created by an artist with a great sense of humor.

The Budapest Short-billed Tumbler is treated differently. For some, it is the cutest bird in the world, while others consider it incredibly ugly. This unique appeared thanks to the many years of efforts of Hungarian breeders, who set themselves the task of creating a high-class "flyer" from an ordinary pigeon, which also attracts attention. Also known as the Budapest Short-billed Tumbler, these frog-eyed monsters were bred by the Poltl brothers from Hungary in the early 1900s. Due to the external deformation of the chicks of the Budapest short-billed turman, it is necessary to feed by hand.

Budapest Short-Billed Turman - Unusual Pigeon breed
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Budapest short-billed turman

Budapest Short-Billed Turman - Creepy Pigeon

Budapest high flying pigeons

Its feature was the huge round eyes, with smooth and wide periocular rings, protruding on the sides of the head and similar to two large hemispheres, as well as a short, straight beak.

They succeeded - the Budapest short-beak is funny, like all pigeons at the chick stage , and growing up becomes even more amusing. For the first time pigeons of this breed were presented in Budapest in 1907. In addition to its unusual appearance, the bird also received excellent flight characteristics - this type of turmans belongs to high-flying pigeons.

Cute Budapest Turman

Budapest Short-Billed Turman - Creepy Pigeon

A short, straight beak, huge eyes protruding from the orbits with periocular rings make pigeons of this breed different from others. Nevertheless, it is well known that when breeding these birds, birds of the most familiar appearance were used.

Budapest Short-Billed Turman - Creepy Pigeon

The general name of the Budapest short-billed turman combines several varieties of pigeons: the Budapest short-billed stork, the Budapest short-billed turman itself, the Ibudin short-billed turman. Depending on this, the birds can have a single color (white, yellow, black, red, fawn, blue, silver) or a saddle pattern with stripes on the wings.

Budapest short-billed Turman - Creepy Pigeon, Pug of the Avian World

Today, representatives of this breed of pigeons participate in contests where only their appearance is evaluated. Although the Budapest short-billed turmans have not lost their ability for long and high flights.
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