Thursday, September 3, 2020

10 Familiar Things We Don't Know About The True Purpose

We are surrounded by thousands of little things that we see so often that we are already used to them and do not notice them. But have you thought about the true purpose of these things?

Here are some interesting examples that reveal the secrets of devices that are invisible to us.

10 little things we don't know about the true purpose

10 Little things we don't know about the true purpose

10 things you don't know about

Things we don't know about the true purpose

Most common things

The hanging loop on the back of your shirt
Buttonhole on the back of the shirt
There are three possible use cases. The first and most obvious is to hang up your shirt. The second, perhaps, stretches from the era when they wore removable and starched collars and ties that looked more like scarves, and they had to be fixed somehow. Perhaps this loop was made just for this.

The third option is unexpectedly romantic - at one American university, a student in a relationship with a girl cut this noose as a sign that he was busy. And the girl, in turn, wore a scarf with the emblem of her lover's university.

The cylinder on your laptop's power cable
Cylinder on charger wire
You've probably noticed that little cylinder on the laptop charging cord. This very important little thing is a ferrite filter. It suppresses high frequency noise in electrical circuits.

The tiny hole in the window of a plane
Hole in plane windows
For the window in airplanes, several layers of durable transparent plastic are used, which form a kind of "glass unit". Windows can withstand enormous loads and have recently been made of high-strength acrylic plastic. Internal glasses are not as strong and are made from cheaper plexiglass. They serve for better noise and heat insulation of the passenger compartment, creating an air gap between themselves and the outer window.

Therefore, there is a risk that in the event of a large pressure difference between the glasses and in the passenger compartment, the internal “glass” may not withstand and burst. And a small hole allows you to normalize the pressure by removing excess air from the inter-glass space, or vice versa.

The blue part of your eraser
Blue half eraser
Ask anyone why you need the blue half of the eraser, and they will surely answer: to erase the ink of the pens. This is not entirely true. Initially, this half was intended for removing a pencil from thick paper. The pink part usually leaves marks, not completely erasing the pencil, but the blue eraser removes everything.

The creators of this eraser soon realized that people had not guessed to use the blue half for its intended purpose, and decided that it was better to adapt and advertise the eraser in a new way.

The horizontal buttonholes on your shirt
Horizontal buttonholes
Another mystery of shirts. Have you ever noticed that the buttonholes for the top and bottom buttons are horizontal and the rest are vertical? This is due to the fact that these two buttons are more likely to come undone. And the horizontal hinges will get in the way.

Extra holes on sneakers
Extra holes on sneakers
You've probably seen the extra holes on your sneakers, wondering why you need to thread the laces so high. In fact, these holes are designed to keep the shoe in place and prevent it from slipping and chafing when you play sports.

The video demonstrates exactly how to use them.

Hole in the spaghetti spoon
Hole in the spaghetti spoon
Using the hole in the spaghetti spoon, you can measure the amount of pasta for a standard serving.

Small pocket on jeans
Small pocket on jeans
The most common answer to the question of why they make this little pocket on jeans is for wearing contraceptives there. Of course, in addition to condoms, this pocket will also fit a bunch of little things, but initially it had a very specific purpose. In 1873, Levi's jeans were produced with a dedicated pocket for a pocket watch.

The hole at the top of the cap on a ballpoint pen
The hole in the ballpoint pen cap
Many people have the habit of chewing on a pen or cap. The hole in the cap is made in case a person accidentally swallows the cap and it gets stuck in the throat - then it will be possible to breathe through the hole until the foreign object is removed.

The scrap of material that comes with new clothes
Material samples on new clothes
In fact, these pieces are not provided at all in order to close a hole in new clothes. It turns out that you need to try on them how the material of your new shirt will react to washing powder or bleach.

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