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Eerie monuments that make you feel uncomfortable

A memorial is built as a framework to commemorate a person or event. There are many types of monuments in the world, which have different purposes to make. Out of these, 6 eerie monuments that make you feel uncomfortable.

Recently, a memorial dedicated to the victims of domestic violence was opened in Turkey: 440 pairs of shoes nailed to the wall symbolize the defenselessness of women against the aggression of their companions. This is not the only piece of art that makes you feel uncomfortable looking at.

Shoes and Domestic Violence
Shoes and Domestic Violence

The  author of this installation, which appeared in the very center of Istanbul, is named Vahit Tuna. The artist admitted that the inspiration for his work was the news of an increase in the number of victims of domestic violence in Turkey. Vakhit regrets that such news disappears as quickly as it appears, they do not remain in the information field for a long time. He decided to change the situation and created an art object.

Shoes and Domestic Violence

He chose high-heeled shoes as a symbol of the strength and independence that women now lack. Vakhit emphasizes that he chose high heels not as a call to give preference to such shoes, but solely for aesthetic reasons. These are ordinary shoes, they do not belong to women who have suffered at the hands of their husbands. In some regions of Turkey, there is a tradition to expose the shoes of a deceased relative over the threshold as a sign of grief.

Lidice massacre — 82 children killed by the Nazis
82 children killed by the Nazis

One of the worst crimes of the Nazis was the destruction of Lidice, a mining village in the Czech Republic, 20 kilometers west of Prague. On the night of June 9, 1942, German police units surrounded the village, blocked all escape routes, and then drove all the inhabitants of Lidice in one place. Men over 15 years old were shot, and women were sent to the camp.

Lidice massacre — 82 children killed by the Nazis

Eighty-eight children of Lidice were transported to the area of ​​the former textile factory, only a few children were chosen for "Germanization", the remaining 82 children died in the gas chamber.

The sculpture of the Czech artist Maria Uchilova is dedicated to these children. Eighty-two bronze children, 42 girls and 40 boys, look to where their village once was.

Maria was born in 1942, she began working on the sculpture in 1969, but there was not enough money, so she had to use her own funds. So, for twenty years, Mary made statue after statue. Unfortunately, in 1989, after finishing the plaster versions of the sculptures and the first three bronze statues, Maria suddenly died, and her husband continued the work.

Shoes on the embankment of the Danube

On the embankment of Budapest there are dozens of cast-iron shoes: for men, women and children ... They stand there in memory of the Jews who were shot in these parts in 1944-1945. Hungarian Nazi Arrow Cross Party.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

Before they died, the Nazis forced the victims to take off their shoes, because the shoes could then be sold. People were shot on the shore, and their bodies were simply thrown into the water. To save on bullets, people were lined up to fire only at the first, in the hope that the bullet would pass through the heads of several people.

The monument was erected in 2005. Its idea belongs to Ken Togai, and it was embodied by the sculptor Gyula Power.

5,000 Melting Men — Néle Azevedo
5,000 Melting Men — Néle Azevedo

Not all memorials were made of durable materials. Five years ago, Brazilian sculptor Nele Azevedo installed 5,000 ice figurines on the steps of Chamberlain Square in Birmingham in honor of the victims of the First World War.

“I wanted to change the way we think about sculpture,” the artist told the Birmingham Mail. "My sculptures remember people who are not remembered by any other monument."

5,000 Melting Men — Néle Azevedo

Little people were brought in ten special refrigerators. They sat under the scorching sun, nothing at all, but left a mark in the hearts of those who saw them. This was not Nele's first ice installation, she had already done something similar in Berlin to draw attention to global warming, and then in Belfast - in the name of those killed on the Titanic.
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Perhaps one of the most famous memorials in Berlin. From the outside, it resembles many stone coffins, but up close it is clear that these are tall concrete columns with narrow passages between them.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The memorial was built by the deconstructivist Peter Eisenman in 2005. Eisenman insisted that neither the number nor the arrangement of the blocks make any sense. Psychologist Colleen Ellard wrote: “The feeling of being lost among the gray slabs, behind which the outside world is not visible, the forced separation from a loved one and the feeling of insecurity that arises at the intersection of through corridors, raised waves of fear, anxiety, longing and loneliness in the soul. So the architect Peter Eisenman managed to create a structure filled with many short but powerful echoes of the feelings that the Jews had to experience during the Second World War.
Stone People Underwater — The underwater museum

There is little light under the water , and everything looks quite different than on land in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, Spain. Ecologist and sculptor Jason de Keira Taylor has created a unique space where the natural combines with something made by human hands. The Atlantic Museum's project is to create a large artificial reef, which is formed with sculptural structures of concrete with a neutral pH.

Stone People Underwater — The underwater museum

The largest sculpture is a circle of 200 people on the ocean floor.

And even if there is no eerie sense in sculptures, it can be very scary to see this under water.

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