Thursday, August 27, 2020

Body Modification | Beauty Torture

At all times, man has tried to change his body. Different cultures have resorted to different methods, sparing neither body nor face. Sharpening teeth, stretching necks, lengthening skulls: the wildest ways to "become more beautiful" were used. Oddly enough, some of these dangerous and frightening body modifications are still practiced today.

Body Modification | Beauty Torture

Neck stretching | Padaung

Neck ring, The practice of stretching the neck begins for Padaung girls at a very young age. From four thin rings to twenty-five voluminous jewelry: the longer the neck, the more beautiful the bride is.

Sharp teeth | MentawaiBody Modification | Beauty Torture

The Indonesian Mentawai tribe consider pointed teeth to be the standard of beauty. The sharper and thinner, the more desirable a woman. The ritual is not at all mandatory in the culture, but many girls go through it in adolescence of their own free will in order to attract the opposite $ex.

Scarification | Sepik tribeBody Modification | Beauty Torture

For the Sepik tribe of New Guinea, the practice of scarification is sacred. The patterns on the girls' faces are made for beauty, the laconic lines on the boy's cheeks demonstrate strength and courage. The initiation of an adult hunter also goes through scarification: the elders decorate the backs of future warriors with the likeness of crocodile scales.
Lip plate | Mursi tribe
Body Modification | Beauty Torture
At thirteen, the girl first pierces her lip and inserts a thin stick there. Over the next year, she will be adding clay rings to the hole. Each time the plate gets bigger and heavier, stretching the lip lower and lower. 
Stretching the nose | Apatani

Body Modification | Beauty Torture
Men considered their women so attractive that they inserted a stretching plug into the wings of their nose: in this way they tried to prevent the attack of envious people from other tribes. 
Small foot | China
Body Modification | Beauty Torture
For nearly a thousand years, little girls in China have been subjected to horrific foot bandages. The growth of the foot stopped, the toes curled and dried, creating the illusion of smaller and more attractive legs.
Body Modification | Beauty Torture

The most famous way of body modification is the women's corset from the Victorian era. Women pulled their torso as much as possible, squeezing their waists to the shape of an hourglass. This practice changed the shape of the chest and often led to displacement of the liver and heart. 
Long skull | Peru
Body Modification | Beauty Torture
This ritual was common 45,000 years ago in ancient Peruvian cultures. From infancy, the skulls of children were wrapped in cloth to direct growth upward. Apparently, only children of rich families were exposed to this.

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