Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds In The World

Considering dog breeds in terms of speed, it is not surprising that all applicants for the top ten are quite large dogs, most of which are designed for speed and endowed with flexible bodies and long paws. For this reason, the little Jack Russell Terrier deserves special mention. Below is a list of the ten fastest dog breeds in the world.

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10. Doberman
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Doberman is a breed of dog that is part of the pinscher group. It was breed in Thuringia, Germany, at the end of the 19th century. Intelligent, easily trained, strong and adroit, he lives with a desire to serve a person. Born guardian. Despite its temperament and mobility, it can remain calm. The height of the Doberman at the withers is 68–72 cm, weight - 40–45 kg. Able to reach speeds of up to 51 km / h

09. Dalmatian
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Dalmatian is a Croatian breed of dog with a characteristic color. This is a fairly large, strong and hardy breed, capable of traveling long distances. Known for its calm and poise. Dalmatians are social, friendly and sensitive, they love children, but do not trust strangers. They have a developed sense of dignity. Their height at the withers is approximately 56–62 cm. Body weight is 24–32 kg. Running speeds up to 59 km / h .

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Borzoi - Russian wolfhound is a breed of dog, originally from Russia. Originally used for hunting wild animals, especially wolves, nowadays as companion dogs. This is an independent, gentle, graceful and confident breed. Quite quiet (barks only in rare cases), but it is sharply excited at the sight of a beast. The height of the Russian greyhound at the withers is 75–85 cm, weight 34–47 kg. Able to run at a maximum speed of about 61 km / h .

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Deerhound is a breed of hunting dogs belonging to the group of greyhounds. Was bred for deer hunting. Belongs to the category of the largest dogs in the world ; their growth sometimes reaches 72 centimeters, body weight - up to 46 kilograms. The breed is famous for its obedience and desire to please the owner. Gentle and very friendly. They are born hunters capable of running at speeds up to 61 km / h .

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Jack Russell Terrier is a breed of hunting dogs, bred in the XIX century in England for hunting foxes. This is a joyful, alert, loyal, active and intelligent dog, prone to sudden excitement; has a strong hunting instinct. Able to run at a speed of 61 km / h . Jack Russell Terrier is 25-30 cm tall and weighs 5-6 kg. Approximate life expectancy is about 13-14 years.

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Afghan Hound - a breed of hunting dogs belonging to the group of greyhounds. It is characterized by a long silky coat. It is very old, one of the oldest breeds in the world. According to legend, it was this dog that Noah took with him to the ark.

Initially, the Afghan Hound was used to hunt wolves, foxes and gazelles, nowadays mainly as a companion dog. Very popular at exhibitions. These are loving and playful dogs, adoring communication with humans. Often shy. Practically not amenable to training. Able to run at a speed of 64 km / h . They grow from 64 to 69 centimeters and weigh from 23 to 27 kilograms.

04. Vizsla - The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla

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Vizsla - a breed of hunting dogs known since the X century. These are born hunters, they are hardy, endowed with excellent scent and outstanding learning ability. Very active. Rarely show aggression. Hungarian squeezed medium size: its height at the withers is from 54 to 64 cm, weight - 20–27 kg. During the hunt, they can reach speeds of up to 64 km / h .

03. Saluki
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Saluki is a breed of dog belonging to the group of greyhounds. It was bred in antiquity in the Arab countries, and was originally used for hunting gazelles. Perhaps the oldest breed of dog. In 1996, in the Guinness Book of Records, Saluki was named the fastest breed, capable of reaching speeds of 68.8 km / h over long distances . Their height at the withers is 58–71 cm, weight 16–29 kg. These are independent graceful and very hardy dogs with a well-developed hunting instinct. May pursue prey for several hours.

02. Whippet
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Whippet is a medium-sized dog breed used today primarily for dog racing. It was bred in northern England in the nineteenth century. It has a balanced character, moderate temperament and a high degree of obedience. Tolerant of children and strangers. Due to the very good proportions of the body, speed and maneuverability, it is considered an ideal running dog, which is capable of speeds in a straight line up to 70 km / h . Their weight is 6.8–19.1 kg. Height at the withers 47–51 cm.

01.  Greyhound
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The fastest dog is the Greyhound

Greyhound is a fairly common hunting dog breed, originally from the UK. It is considered the fastest in the world. In many ways, it became popular for its wonderful character, excellent health and unpretentiousness. It has excellent stamina. This is an intelligent, soft and balanced dog that can reach a full speed of 70 kilometers per hour over short distances . They grow from 68 to 76 cm in height and weigh from 26 to 40 kg.

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