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Man-made structures that are visible from space

Our Earth is amazing, and for many centuries, people have filled it with huge and surprising things: pyramids, giant walls, mega-cities, and more. But for the International Space Station (ISS), which revolves around the Earth at an altitude of 403 km, our planet seems like a very small space. Houses, roads and buildings disappear. Even some of the largest man-made structures merge with the landscape. But there are also those that can be seen from the height of the Earth's orbit.

6 Man-made things that are visible from space

 Space View Of Man-made Structures

Space view of Great Pyramids at Giza

Space view of Great Pyramids at Giza
See the small triangular shadows in the center of this picture? These shadows and small specks under them are one of the most amazing structures ever built by man. These are the three most famous ancient Egyptian pyramids - the pyramids in Giza. The largest of the three is more than 140 meters in height, but from space it looks like a small point in the middle of the desert.

Space view of world, City night lights

Space view of world, City night lights
At night, light pollution interrupts the light of stars in the sky. But if you look at some cities from space, you can see the constellations from artificial lighting. 

Space view of Kennecott Copper Mine

bingham canyon mine from space
The Kennecott Copper Mine southwest of Salt Lake City is one of the world's largest open pit mines. Its diameter is about 2.5 miles and the depth is more than four thousand feets. At the end of the XIX century, gold, silver and lead were mined here. 

Space view of Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate bridge from space
Mankind has been building bridges for a long time and every year is getting better. From ordinary bridges over streams, people proceeded to the construction of huge bridges of iron and concrete, which can rightfully be considered masterpieces of engineering. Such bridges can withstand the load of millions of cars per year. In the photo - Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Space view of Palm Islands of Dubai

Space view of Palm Islands of Dubai
Along the coast of Dubai stretches a man-made archipelago of islands in the form of palm trees. To build these islands, builders removed sand from the bottom of the Persian Gulf, and then formed it into palm trees and other figures. The island at the top of this picture is still under construction. It is conceived in the form of a map of the world. 

Space view of Greenhouses of Almeria

Space view of Greenhouses of Almeria
In the province of Almeria in southeastern Spain, there is a huge cluster of hotbeds that can be seen from space. Greenhouses cover an area of ​​more than 259 square kilometers. Millions of tons of fruits and vegetables are grown in these greenhouses and delivered to other parts of the world. 

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