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Hyper-Realistic Paintings Made By Sewing Machine

Arun Kumar Bajaj has a phenomenal skill in creating incredible embroidered paintings. It's just hard to believe that he is using a conventional sewing machine: the level of detail is such that from a distance they look like hyper-realistic paintings.

Embroidery Art Work With Sewing Machine

A phenomenal skills in creating incredible embroidered paintings with conventional sewing machine.

From childhood Arun Kumar drew well and dreamed to become a famous artist. But when he was 15 years old, the sudden death of his father and canceled all plans. The boy had to leave school to pursue family business.

Arun Kumar, started working as a tailor like his father, but his creativity took over. Instead of brushes and paints, he began to use a needle and thread, creating real masterpieces with a sewing machine. Now, thanks to its unique technique, it is gradually gaining popularity all over the world.
Embroidery Art Work With Sewing Machine

In many countries there is a long tradition of creating tapestries and embroidered paintings, but Arun Kumar was the first person to create embroidery of this level of detail on an ordinary sewing machine.
“I’ve been stitching for the last 23 years, since I was 12,” the 35-year-old artist told DNA India. “My father was a tailor but he died early, when I was 16, and I had to drop out of school to take over the shop. I was good at sketching in school, and this was a way I could combine the two arts.”

“I didn’t want to remain just a darzi (tailor) all my life,” Arun added. “I wanted to make a name for myself, even though my obsession has caused financial uncertainty to my family.”
Embroidery Art Work With Sewing Machine

One of the most impressive works of the Needle Man is the imposing embroidered canvas depicting Lord Krishna. It took the artist 3 years and approximately 2840 kilometers of thread to create this work, measuring 183 by 122 cm. Also among his works is an embroidered painting of the court of the Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh, which depicts approximately 2,000 human figures. It took the artist about a year to create it.
“In my work, there is no room for error: if a seam lies on the fabric, it cannot be removed. I don't usually do the embroidery in several layers, it looks neater that way. "
Embroidery Art Work With Sewing Machine

Arun Kumar continues his sewing business at the Adalat Bazaar in Patiala, northern India, but also devotes a lot of time to art. Other works of the unusual artist can be seen on his Facebook page .
Embroidery Art Work With Sewing Machine

Impressive embroidered paintings with conventional sewing machine

Embroidery Art Work With Sewing Machine

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