Monday, June 15, 2020

Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory

Imagine a situation: someone touches your shoulder and calls you by name. You turn around and see a smile. You know this man for a long time, but his name eluded from memory. If this happens sometimes it's okay, but if it's often an occasion to think about how to train your memory. After 30 years, the brain begins to work worse, but it can be made to better cope with their duties!

Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory

Remember, not search the Internet
You can help with the name of the actor, which you can’t remember. But these days there is so-called digital amnesia: you forget information because you rely on gadgets. It's time to stop it!

When we learn new things and then recall this information, the hippocampus works and the prefrontal cortex and memory improves. But if you rely on a computer, these parts of the brain will start to work worse over time.

Sleep more
Quality sleep is a guarantee of health, including mental. But if you don’t have enough night sleep, there’s nothing wrong with lying down for half an hour during the day. This will also help the memory.

Go for sports
When you move, blood circulates more actively throughout the body, which means that the brain works better. There is a lot of oxygen and elements useful for the brain in the blood. Even a little training can improve your memory.

Do not get carried away with multitasking
The ability to do several things at the same time is convenient, but it is not very useful for the brain. In fact, he experiences stress, which is why more mistakes can be made. Just a four-second distraction to the notification in the phone and the likelihood of error is tripled. That is why scientists recommend while putting the phone away and not be distracted by it.

Less loneliness
Studies have shown that loneliness negatively affects the brain due to stress that you may not be aware of. This does not mean that you need to move to an apartment with ten neighbors: it is enough to attend group classes and communicate more with people.

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