Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Amazing sculptures that defy gravity

Amazing sculptures that defy gravity, In the world there are enough monuments and masterpieces of architecture. striking imagination. Incredible fountains, stunning sculptures - all this is the result of the original thinking and creative imagination of their authors, who sometimes seem to completely give a damn about conventions, as well as logic and even  challenge the laws of physics.

Look at the masterpieces from the selection below - each of these creations is delightful in itself and causes complete delight. It seems that they can be considered for hours!

Amazing sculptures that defy gravity

 1. Flying stones, Cairo
Flying stones sculpture, Cairo

2. Balance
Balance sculpture

3. Tilt
Tilt sculpture

4. The boy with the dolphin
The boy with the dolphin sculpture

5. Stairway to Heaven
Sculpture of Stairway to Heaven

6. Giant Tap
Giant Tap sculpture

7. Giant clothespins
Giant clothespins Sculpture

8. Cars that defeated gravity
Cars that defeated gravity Sculpture

09. Car upside down
Car upside down Sculpture 

10. Horizontal elephant
Horizontal elephant Sculpture

11. Final move
Final move House Sculpture

12. Sand sculpture
Sand sculpture

13. Hazardous geometry
Hazardous geometry Sculpture

14. Farm, abstraction, New Zealand
Farm Sculpture, abstraction, New Zealand

15. Unusual table
Unusual table Sculpture

16. Jaguar Automobile Exhibition, Great Britain
Sculpture of Jaguar Automobile Exhibition, Great Britain

17. Soccer player, New Zealand
Sculpture of Soccer player, New Zealand

18. Soaring Steel Ball, Australia
Soaring Steel Ball Sculpture, Australia

19. Gymnast in the wind
Gymnast in the wind Sculpture

20. King and queen on vacation
Sculpture of King and queen on vacation

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