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Why Women Love This Pose | Leg To Leg

A pose with one leg on top of the other is considered a favorite among many women. In it you can beautifully and naturally demonstrate stylish shoes, a thin ankle, and an elastic thigh. Moreover, legs in such a pose are squeezed, which is convenient when a lady is wearing a skirt (of course, if this is not a criminal mini from the Basic Instinct). Why Women Love This Pose | Leg To Leg

Why Women Love This Pose | Leg To Leg

But doctors and good manners, as well as religious adherents, often oppose the beloved female habit. For example, pregnant women are strictly forbidden to sit in such a way as not to squeeze the lower genital vein, thereby provoking stagnation of blood in the lower extremities, because of which pressure can increase, so dangerous for the health of the unborn baby. Yes, and not for pregnant women, pressure surges are not useful, and too frequent toe-to-toe crossings over time leads to problems with posture due to the fixation of an incorrect deflection of the spine.

But why do women love this pose so much?
It's not just about convenience. Body language is dictated by organics, the desire to look as "presentable" as possible, $eductive for the opposite $ex. That is why, in particular, the priestesses of love chose this pose. They simultaneously demonstrated the “product face” and other attractive parties and informed about the price, indicating on the lap the price of the service. On the one for the poor, on the other for the rich. And, judging by the appearance the solvency of potential customers, they would cross their legs.

In addition, this position is different from the humble ones recommended by the church and the norms of public morality. She literally from the first seconds gives out harlot. For example, in Christianity, believers are forbidden to use such a pose so as not to draw a line. After all, the swinging leg, according to legend, is a swing on which the unclean swing.

Psychologists, on the contrary, classify this position as closed when a woman tries to isolate herself from others, to defend herself and to isolate herself when she is uncomfortable in society. Here a lot depends on the general appearance - the look, posture, lowered or raised head. However, in many Hollywood films, fatal beauties and vamp women are most often sitting cross-legged.

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