Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Top 10 most beautiful cats in the world

Since ancient times, cats have enjoyed great respect among people. This they achieved with their grace, intelligence and character, as well as the fact that cats, unlike dogs, allow themselves to be loved and if they do not like something, they will definitely show it. Today we’ll talk about the ten most beautiful cats in the world. The list will appeal to those who want to have a furry pet, but have not yet decided which one or just aesthetics lovers. Let's start → Top 10 most beautiful cats in the world

10. Maine Coon
Maine Coon

Representatives of this breed grow very large. Perhaps considered the largest domestic cat breed in the world. They have a long tail and long hair. They have a complaisant and soft character. Maine Coons are very attached to their family, friendly to all its members. Outsiders are wary.

09. Siamese cat
Siamese cat
Siamese cats have a long and thin body, a thin tail, blue eyes and short hair. They are very independent and active, at the same time they need attention. They do not like it when they are not noticed. They use their vocal cords well to show their mood. Meow a lot.

08. Egyptian Mau
Egyptian Mau
These Egyptian Mau's are very clean cats, quickly get used to the toilet, always keep themselves clean. Oddly enough, they love water, often touch it with their paws. Active, smart and fast - capable of speeds up to 58 km per hour. They love attention, sometimes they can even be intrusive.

07. Turkish van
Turkish van
This is a very curious and active cat that needs movement. She can play for hours and lure the owner to this business. They love to "talk." Although the Turkish van is attached to all members of the family, he still singles out one who he likes best. They also love water very much, they have absolutely no fear of it.

06. Abyssinian cat
Abyssinian cat
Abyssinian cat is considered one of the oldest breeds of cats. They are smart and active. They love society and therefore easily get along with other pets. Curious, sociable and very people-oriented. Easy to train, moreover, you can always negotiate with them.

05. American shorthair
American shorthair Cat
These American shothair cats have very soft hair. They are hardy, love to jump. They can exhibit excellent hunting skills. They are considered affectionate and tender, have excellent health. They love to eat, so they are predisposed to obesity. A bit lazy.

04. Burmilla
White-silver short hair gives special beauty to this breed. Intelligent, kind, friendly, gentle and affectionate. Burmilla likes to lie down and play, all in moderation, so it’s very easy with them. Undemanding. This breed is often called the "dog in the cat's body" because of devotion and love for the owner.

03. Siberian cat
Siberian cat
Siberian cat has a long, thick coat that does not allow moisture to pass through. They are excellent hunters, independent and love loneliness. Recognize only one owner, with the rest of the family just reconcile. Not too affectionate. Not intrusive, have their own character, which can show if they do not like something.

02. Russian blue cat
Russian blue cat
Russian blue got its name because of the short blue wool with a silver tint. Cats of this breed are kind and obedient, but sometimes they can show character and be stubborn. Loves freedom. She loves her masters, knows how to express her love when she is stroked - purrs or rubs on her legs. Secretive and shy with guests, very open with family members. Great homebody.

01. Bengal cat
Bengal cat
A Bengal cat combines the temperaments of a pet and a wild beast. If you are engaged in them from childhood, accustomed to your hands, then they become responsive and loyal to your loved ones, but if you do not, they can grow wild. They are very active, they love to chase after something and hunt. Not aggressive, curious and observant - they repeat after people and learn to open doors, cabinets and even windows.

If you do not have enough home comfort or want to dilute the routine of your life, then you should get a cat. You can’t imagine how quickly you get used to this fluffy miracle, and you don’t notice that the world has acquired new colors.


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