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The meaning of Helmets Colors of Construction Sites

It is easy to guess that the construction helmet is not just a “decoration” for the head, but also the most reliable means of protection on the site. It still doesn’t have to catch bricks, but if the worst happens, no one will refuse something else between a few kilograms of burnt clay moving downward at a free fall speed. At the same time, not everyone knows that building helmets are painted in different colors for a reason. The meaning of helmet colors of construction sites →

The meaning of Helments Colors of Construction Sites

 The meaning of Helments Colors of Construction Sites

The helmet of the builder seems extremely simple, while a fairly large number of interesting subtleties and secrets are associated with it. For example, few people know that helmets actually have a very specific expiration date! According to current GOSTs, a helmet should not be used for more than 5 years. In addition, helmets of different colors indicate workers in different positions. All this is not too true for domestic realities, but gradually the fashion on the construction site sneaks into our order. What kind of helmets are there and what do they mean?

1. White helmet
The meaning  Construction Sites White helmet
 In the west, a white helmet is worn only by representatives of the management or audit staff of an enterprise (organization). At the construction site, such protective equipment is usually for people who have graduated from a construction educational institution and have received appropriate engineering education. Also, white helmets are put to inspectors from different authorities.

2. Yellow helmet
The meaning of Construction Sites Yellow helmet
People in yellow helmets are the main workforce at the construction site. These helmets are worn first of all by auxiliary workers who work according to plan and carry out instructions from the project management team.

3. Blue helmet
The meaning of Construction Sites Blue helmet
Blue protective gear is worn by people who work at high heights, including those who work on cranes. In addition, blue helmets are worn by electricians working in the early and middle stages of the building's construction.

4. Green helmet
The meaning of Construction Sites Green helmet
 The rarest helmet of all that can be found on a construction site. All because rather specific specialists wear them. Namely, people involved in the safety of builders.

5. Black helmet
The meaning of Construction Sites Black helmet

A black helmet is also very rare. All because wearing it with great probability will be someone from the top of the leadership team. In addition, black helmets are relied upon by architects present at the site of the building.

6. Red helmet
The meaning of Construction Sites Red helmet

Helmets of "increased importance." Red color, as you know, makes you pay more attention to yourself. Accordingly, they wear such head protection at the construction site or guests who have arrived to observe the successes of builders, or students, or specialists who have just come to work.

7. Orange helmet
Construction Sites Orange helmet
Finally, we got to the orange helmet. In the West, these are laid only one specialty, namely - to surveyors. People whose main task is to carry out all kinds of measurements before and during construction.

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