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Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents

Strong and independent are not always about show business stars. Many influential representatives of the film industry, Academy Award winners cannot live separately from their parents. We have collected stars for you who have never been able to leave your father’s house. Celebrities who still live with their parents →

Leonardo DiCaprio
звезды, которые все еще живут с родителями

Leonardo DiCaprio is still a womanizer. At different times, his girls were Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively, Erin Heatherton. If desired, a Hollywood handsome could open his own modeling agency. Between hot romance DiCaprio lives with his mother, Irmelin Indenbirken. She supported Leo at the beginning of her career and believed in his success. Even after years at important events, the actor appears only with his mother. Fans are sure that the actor will even choose a life partner like Imberlin.

Bradley Cooper

Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents

During the novel by Bradley Cooper and the Russian top model Irina Shayk, the actor admitted that they live in the same house as their mother. Gloria Campano helped young parents look after their daughter Leia and keep an eye on the house. “This does not cause any inconvenience. We do not live separately: I am in a huge penthouse, and she is in a guest house. No, she occupied the room next to me. And here's what I tell you: my mother is very cool. We can cuddle all day, she gives me practical advice in all areas of my life. I am happy that I live with her, ”Cooper said in an interview.
Jennifer Lawrence
Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents

The star of the Hunger Games series and Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence still cannot move from her parents. The actress needs constant support from people in whom she can be sure. “10 million dollars - and now we live in a condominium all together. I used to rent a house full of rats, a small apartment in Los Angeles and very good housing in Kentucky. But now, when I can afford a nice big house, it would be strange to live there alone, ”Lawrence shared her thoughts.

Dev Patel
Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents

The protagonist of the film "Slumdog Millionaire" has long grown up, but still has not moved out of the cozy parents' house in London. “Of course, it's great to live with my parents, but I'm ready to move. If you find my house on Google Maps and bring it as close as possible, you might even hear screams coming from there, ”the actor admitted in an interview. We hope that Dev soon gets out of parental care and begins to live independently.

Michael Bakary Jordan
Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents

Actor Michael Bakari Jordan does not make the impression of a sissy, but still lives with his parents. In an interview, he proudly declared: "I love my parents!" Fans are still surprised that at 32, the Hollywood handsome is still so attached to his relatives.

Jaden Smith
Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents

In a conversation with reporters, Jaden Smith once said that he was not going to move from his father's house in the next 20 years. The young rapper boasted that with star dad, Will Smith, he lives very cool. In the mansion of his father, you can do absolutely everything. Moreover, Will takes care of all the expenses of his son.
Michelle Obama
Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents
Yes, the former first lady of the USA also lives with her mother. Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama's mother, is a caring grandmother and a good housewife. She took care of her grandchildren while Michelle was Barack's right hand during his presidency. Marian lived with her son-in-law and daughter in the White House, and after the end of Obama’s second term, she moved to a family mansion with them.

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