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9 largest drainage systems in the ocean

Legends and various sailor's fables have always been written about drainage systems. Different marine inhabitants lived in them, and even the gods of whom they invented. One of the legends speaks of lowering Atlantis to the bottom and pulling it into a large funnel. Thanks to the development of technology, ships are no longer susceptible to the elements of the sea. But, in the world there are still whirlpools, which are not recommended to fall into. 9 largest drainage systems in the ocean

Saltstraumen | Norway
Saltstraumen drainage systems in the ocean

 It is the strongest current in the world and is located in a small strait in Norway. The speed of water is 58 km / h. In 6 hours, 520 million cubic meters passes through the strait. water. The diameter of massive whirlpools reaches 13 m, and the depth is 8 m in the collision of two different currents in this place.

Moskstraumen | Pacific
Mostkaurmen drainage systems in the ocean

Edgar Poe wrote a mystical story entitled "Descent into the Whirlpool", in which he glorified the Pacific Ocean. The cause of the whirlpools in this place are tides and currents. The whirlpool is located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In diameter Moskstraumen can reach 80 meters, so it is dangerous to the Doge for the largest ships.

Clyde Cruises | Corryvreckan Bay
Clydecruises drainage systems in the ocean

The whirlpool is located in the bay of ClydeCruises near Scotland between the two islands. If we estimate the magnitude of the whirlpools, then ClydeCruises ranks third in the world. You can reduce the sound of water for several tens of kilometers. Scuba divers believe this is the most dangerous diving place in the UK. 

Old Sow | Canada
Old Sow drainage systems in the ocean

Old Sow is the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere. The cross section of the whirlpool funnel is about 80 meters. At high tide, the rescue service blocks all paths. Water in a whirlpool flows at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. 

Naruto | Japan
Naruto drainage systems in the ocean

Whirlpool is located in Japan in the Naruto Strait. Even experienced sailors believe that this is a very dangerous place. During high tides, the water speed is 34 kilometers per hour. The funnel in diameter reaches 30 meters. 

BC Living | Canada
BC Living drainage systems in the ocean

This dangerous place is located in Canada, so every year thousands of kayakers come here. Despite the fact that the danger is very great, people tend to get into British Columbia in order to fight the water element during the races. 

French Pass | New Zealand
French Pass drainage systems in the ocean

Whirlpool is located in New Zealand between the islands off the coast. This is an old natural phenomenon, which is accompanied by the passage of a large volume of water through a narrow channel, the width of which is 100 meters. In this place, the death of more than one hundred people was recorded, which the abyss pulled. 

Lake Pener | USA
Pener Lake drainage systems

In the United States, a whirlpool appeared in a calm lake, which became a nightmare for sailors. Drillers searched for oil and, breaking through the bottom of the lake, fell into a salt mine, which led to the formation of a huge whirlpool, which carried fishing boats and 11 barges into the abyss. 

Niagara Falls | USA
Niagara Falls drainage systems
Whirlpool is located in the United States a little lower from Niagara Falls. It was first discovered more than 4200 years ago. The reason for the formation was rapid soil erosion. The depth of the whirlpool is about 60 meters. The whirlpool caused the death of a large number of brave people who crossed Niagara in an ordinary barrel.

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