Tuesday, March 31, 2020

20 best photos of the week

Looking out the window and watching the grayness of the streets, the gloom of the sky, we imagine how good it would be to be in a dream place. Some would prefer bright colors and endless summer, pink sunsets and the sound of the surf. Others would wander along the old streets of European cities, delve into the architecture of those times. And some would gladly exchange the routine for extreme and even snowy slopes. If we do not have such an opportunity, you can always dream, because it is not harmful. Today we offer you to be inspired by the 20 best photos of the week.

20 best photos of the week

1. The surge. Photographer Sunil

2. Africa. Photographer James Bian

3. Thickets. Photographer William Patino

 4. Redhead. Photographer Jon Albert

5. Still smiling. Photographer Iza Łysoń

6. Italy. Photographer Jon A

7. There is an adventure. Photographer Gëzim Fazliu

8. Autumn walk. Photographer Zsolt Zsigmond

9. In the shadow of the leader. Photographer Wojtek

10. It's time to stay isolated. Photographer Lavan SJ

11. Light in the dark. Photographer 清 小 汐

12. Lost childhood. Photographer Michael Sroka

13. Arable land. Photographer Isam Telhami

14. The zebra. Photographer Furqan Ali

15. Secret place. Photographer Bogdan Maris

16. Peacetime. Photographer Natalie

17. Dawn. Photographer BJ 晓 群

18. Among the flowers. Photographer 凡 品

19. Star Trek under the bridge. Photographer 眼睛

20. Music is in the air. Photographer Daria Chu


  1. Please inform us when you share our photos. Lavan SJ. My photo is on 10th place


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