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10 Things Girls Hate in Men

What do women not like about men? There are no ideal people, but one cannot constantly justify this. There are things that most cause irritation And you can completely get rid of these things. Let's see what women do not like about men and why. 10 things girls hate in men.


What do women not like about men?

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1. Lack of questions
If a man does not ask any questions, the girl believes that she is indifferent to him. Get interested in everything about a girl. You can ask absolutely any questions, the main thing is that she feel that you want to learn as much as possible about her.

2. Meaningless conversations
Especially if it concerns your friends and some of those from whom the girl is far. But she is always ready to talk about other meaningless things that concern herself. Try to find a balance between this. If a woman does not understand something, explain it to her in simple language. Let her show interest in your life, and you - in her.

3. Lack of sense of humor
Not all situations need to be serious. If you are tense during a conversation with a girl, this mood will be transmitted to her. It can ruin all day. Sometimes it’s worth being easier. Develop a sense of humor - read more, watch comedies. Women do not like in men excessive severity and inability to cheer up with an easy and laid-back joke.

4. Avoidance of eye contact

Avoidance of eye contact
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When you try not to look into the eyes of a girl, she perceives it as if you are trying to hide something from her. Or you are just not interested with her. Do not avoid her gaze. Keep eye contact while communicating, don't forget to smile. This will not only raise you in the eyes of the girl, but also give you self-confidence.

5. Neglect of personal hygiene
Clean hair, well-groomed nails, neat clothes, a pleasant smell are just some of the things that girls pay attention to. If you want to make a good impression, take care of personal hygiene.

6. Reluctance to meet friends
A girl can take this as a personal insult . For her, this is a signal that a man does not take their relationship seriously or is embarrassed by her. If you are serious, then be sure to introduce your girlfriend to friends. She will be very pleased and flattering.

7. Indifference to appearance
You can maintain good hygiene while still wearing tasteless clothing. This is also not like women in men. Watch your appearance. No need to constantly buy things from new collections. But you can choose a style closer to the classic - it will always be relevant. The main thing is not to show complete indifference to what you wear. If a girl follows fashion trends, she wants you to dress stylishly and elegantly.

8. Distractions on a cell phone in the middle of a conversation

Distractions on a cell phone in the middle of a conversation
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Nobody likes when the interlocutor is distracted by a mobile phone in the middle of a conversation, but this is especially annoying for girls. After all, they want to own all the attention of a man. If you are distracted, this can greatly offend her. Try not to use the phone when spending time with the girl. If you need to solve an important issue, explain the situation, apologize, do all the work and take the gadget away.

9. Mentions of ex
Do not talk about your ex. Few people like to hear about the past relationships of their loved one. It is better not to raise this topic at all. What happened is gone. The main thing is that now you are together and love each other.

10. Inability to show feelings
Everyone is used to thinking that girls are more emotional. It’s hard to say whether this is true. Or the whole point is that men are taught from childhood that emotions are for girls. One way or another, girls hate it when a man is not able to show emotions, especially where it is really necessary.

Perhaps you were just raised like that. And you can continue to behave with restraint in public. However, in personal communication with the girl, try to show your emotions more often and listen to her. This will positively affect your relationship.

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