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The amazing underwater world and its inhabitants

The amazing underwater world and its inhabitants, The underwater world is full of many mysteries, and the surface of the moon, mankind, has studied better than the ocean floor. Amazing sea life resides in a column of blue water. The largest, most powerful and most poisonous animals also live under water, and not on land. We will meet some residents of the underwater world today.

The amazing underwater world and its inhabitants
1. Sea leopard
Sea leopard
Sea leopard is a predator. This is a species of real seals that lives in the subantarctic regions of the Southern Ocean. It got its name thanks to the spotty skin, and also because of the very predatory behavior. The sea leopard feeds mainly on warm-blooded vertebrates, including penguins and young seals. (Photo by Paul Nicklen) 

2. Jellyfish, Palau
Jellyfish, Palau
The jellyfish lake in the Pacific Ocean is one of the amazing places on our planet. There are 10 million different jellyfish in one small lake. Jellyfish of different sizes: from the giant with a basketball to a small little thing with cherries.

3. Spade fish, Bonin Islands
Spade fish, Bonin Islands
The body of these fish is strongly compressed from the sides, and in shape resembles a disk or a shovel. The appearance of shovel fish changes so much with growth that fish of different ages are described as different species. Juveniles are colored yellow or orange. With age, the fins become shorter, the yellow color fades, the black stripes gradually erode, and the fish takes on an almost monotonous dark color. (Photo by Brian Skerry) 

4. Giant Green Anemone, Vancouver Island
Giant Green Anemone, Vancouver Island
 (Photo by Jens Troeger)

5. Pacific Salmon
Pacific Salmon
 (Photo by Randy Olson)

6. Bissa, Barbados
Bissa, Barbados
Bissa is a species of sea turtles . It looks like a green turtle, but smaller than it: body length 60–90 cm, and weight 45–55 kg. (Photo by Charltie Hamilton James) 

7. Tarpon and flock of ray-finned fish
Tarpon and flock of ray-finned fish
Atlantic tarpon is a very large fish. The usual size is a length of up to 2 meters and a weight of about 50 kg. (Photo by Mike Sutton Brown) 

8. Whale Shark, Australia
Whale Shark, Australia
This is the largest species of sharks, as well as the largest of the living species of fish. The weight of whale sharks can reach 12 tons. Despite its impressive size, a whale shark is not dangerous for humans, as it feeds exclusively on plankton and other small organisms, which it filters, drawing in water. (Photo by Brian Skerry) 

9. Great white shark
Great white shark
Reaching a length of 6 meters and a mass of 2,250 kg, the white shark is the largest modern predatory fish. It is on the verge of extinction - there are only about 3,500 of them left on Earth. (Photo by David Caravias) 

10. Anemones and soft corals
Anemones and soft corals
 (Photo by Paul Nicklen)

11. King Crab
King Crab
 (Photo by Brian Skerry) 

12. Stingray, Florida
Stingray, Florida
Some types of slopes are huge in size with a wingspan of 2.5 meters, and their length reaches 5 meters. A special “weapon” is endowed with a detachment of electric ramps, which can paralyze production by electric discharges from 60 to 230 volts and over 30 amperes. (Photo by Kevin Azzouz) 

13. Underwater Reserve Flower Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico
Underwater Reserve Flower Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico
 (Photo by David Doubilet) 

14. Artificial Reef, Key Largo
Artificial Reef, Key Largo
In 1987, a ship was flooded here, which became an artificial reef at a depth of 36 meters. (Photo by David Doubilet) 

15. Moorish clown
Moorish clown
 (Photo by David Doubilet) 

16. Arctic cyanide
Arctic cyanide
 Large sea ​​jellyfish . (Photo by Paul Nicklen) 

17. Green Turtle, Hawaii
Green Turtle, Hawaii
 (Photo by Lorenzo Menendez) 

18. Saltwater crocodile
Saltwater crocodile
These are the largest representatives of the ancient species of reptiles. They live in Australia, in the northern rivers and sea arms extending several kilometers from the sea. The worst of all crocodiles, which, according to some reports, kills almost a thousand people every year. (Photo by Yeang Chng) 

19. Spanish dancer
Spanish dancer
Nudibranchs are one of the most colorful and diverse marine invertebrates in form. These mollusks are shellless. Known as the “Spanish Dancer," this species is a true giant among nudibranch mollusks; some individuals reach 45 cm. (Photo by David Doubilet) 

20. Manta, or the giant sea devil, Maldives
Manta, or the giant sea devil, Maldives
The largest of the slopes , the body width of individual individuals reaches 7 m (in the main mass 4–4.5 meters), and the mass of large specimens is up to 2 tons. Mantas are found in the tropical waters of all oceans. (Photo by Michel Braunstein) 

21. Albino Alligator
Albino Alligator
A rare species of alligators . Albino animals are very sensitive to sunlight. In the wild, the absence of natural skin pigment greatly complicates the life of the animal. Such animals are difficult to hunt. (Photo by Jak Wonderly) 

22. Moray
Night predator. These fish are found in the Atlantic and Indian oceans, and are also widespread in the Mediterranean and Red Seas. This fish is quite large, reaches 2.4 meters, and weighs up to 45 kg. During the day, moray eels sit in crevices of rocks and corals, and hunting begins at night ... (Photo by Brian Skerry) 

23. Speckled Amphiprion
Speckled Amphiprion
Sea fish from the subfamily of clowns. (Photo by David Doubilet) 

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