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Female Models Over 50 Years Old Who Prove Beauty Is Timeless

We used to believe that when a person turned 30, he began the second part of his life. However, social trends have changed, and, currently, that limit amounted to 50 years. If you've lived half a century, you can literally start over, reviewing your plans and trying things you've never done before. This philosophy has been reflected in the modern fashion industry, where there are more and more major models that conquer the hearts of the public.

In the modern fashion industry, the number of more mature models that win the hearts of the public with their charm is growing. Beauty and success are not age-dependent, and the models below are proof of that. Lets see the 14 female models over 50 years old who prove beauty is timeless →

1. Silvina Neder, 50 years old
Silvina Neder, 50 years old
© silvinaneder / instagram   © silvinaneder / instagram  
The London model of Argentine origin also remains active in other areas : she teaches yoga and works as a life coach. Silvina has an Instagram account  where she shares with her world her inspiring thoughts about female self-confidence.

2. Simone Jacob, 57 years old
Simone Jacob, 57 years old
In addition to participating in photo sessions for different brands in the fashion world, Simone is dedicated to sculpture and journalism. He has a master's degree in psychology and is also well versed in cattle raising, an activity he studied while traveling the world. He lived for 15 years in Bavaria raising his own herd of horses, and even dedicated a series of  paintings to these animals.

3. Lou Kenny, 59
years old
Lou Kenny, 59 years old
Lou has participated in photo shoots of  Vogue and collaborates with L'Oreal, as well as teaching yoga for many years. His concept of life was greatly influenced by spiritual practices, and urges women not to follow fashion trends blindly: “It bothers me a little that someone tells me what to wear. I like to keep up with my own life. ”

4. Farida Khelfa, 59
years old
Farida Khelfa, 59 years old
Farida is not only one of the most contractable models, but also the manager of her own modeling agency and  director of documentaries. Sometimes, it opens the fashion shows of Jean Paul Gaultier.

5. Milva Spina, 59 years old
Milva Spina, 59 years old

This Austrian model also works as a makeup artist, stylist and hairdresser. He began attending  castings at age 32, but was rejected because of his appearance and the irregular parameters of his body. The starting point in this woman's career was her relationship with photographer Horst Stasny, thanks to whom she signed a  contract with Visage Models Austria. Milva has paraded on runways in Greece, France, Italy and Switzerland.

6. Sanna Kelly, 62
years old
Sanna Kelly, 62 years old
Sanna not only works as a model, but also acts on tapes, playing episodic roles. For example, he appeared in the Da Vinci's Demons series, and in the parody movie Purge of Kingdoms.

7. Mouchette Bell, 62
years old
Mouchette Bell, 62 years old
At age 20, Mouchette starred in a photo shoot for Vogue , but soon found herself on the other side of the barricades, becoming a photographer and stylist. The woman decided to return to her modeling career after her 50th birthday. In this regard, he said the following: “The concept of beauty is changing. It is clear that I have wrinkles, but they do not bother anyone. Now I don't need to be perfect. I hope that more people of different ages appear in the modeling business, simply because we are all aware of its beauty and attractiveness. ”

8. Gillean McLeod, 63 years old
Gillean McLeod, 63 years old
Gillean gained fame as a model at age 60, after starring in an  advertisement for H&M swimsuits. Initially, McLeod worked as a stylist, but everything changed by chance: it turned out that a photographer was not satisfied with the results of a photo shoot, and, when the model left, he suggested the woman pose. Today, the charismatic American with a dazzling body is one of the most sought after models in the modeling business.

9. Marie Helvin, 67
years old
Marie Helvin, 67 years old

Marie, who had previously participated in sessions for Vogue , returned to the modeling business after a long break. In 2015, Helvin introduced the Always Aliza lingerie line . The woman leads a healthy lifestyle, practices regular rowing and trains with exercise bikes. Also, he doesn't eat meat.

10. Jacky O'Shaughnessy, 68
years old
Jacky O'Shaughnessy, 68 years old
Jacky became a model by chance: one day, in a restaurant, a representative of the American Apparel brand approached her to offer to participate in a photo shoot. That was how he appeared in a lace underwear ad. Today, it is one of the highest paid models of "elegant age."

11. Pam Lucas, 69 years old
Pam Lucas, 69 years old
Pam gained model fame in 2017. At that time, she participated in the advertising campaign for the underwear brand Playful Promises. The woman admitted that she dreamed of trying herself in the modeling business as a teenager, but faced a strict ban from her mother. For a time he worked in a volunteer organization, where his boss was a lawyer who represented the interests of modeling agencies and constantly repeated that he should try his luck in that business. Once he decided to call one of the agencies to ask if they were interested in a mature woman, he received a positive response. Since then, Lucas shines on the catwalks and magazine pages.

12. Pia Gronning, 69
years old
Pia Gronning, 69 years old

The Danish model is the muse of many famous photographers who adorn the covers of the main fashion magazines. Initially, Pia was an actress , in addition to one of the first Scandinavians to conquer Hollywood. In the fashion world, she was nicknamed "Silver fox" for not wanting to dye her hair gray. In addition, women use cosmetics very moderately, which also became one of their peculiarities.

13. Vlasta Gerhardova, 72 years old
Vlasta Gerhardova, 72 years old

Vlasta is not a professional model, but began to participate in photo shoots thanks to her  daughter , the Czech photographer Michaela Durisova. All the images of this artist are united by an idea: "a fairy lives in every woman". Michaela is especially pleased to dress and photograph her mother, considering her her main source of inspiration.

14. Jan de Villeneuve, 73
years old
Jan de Villeneuve, 73 years old
In 2017, this elegant woman came out on the cover of fashion magazine L'Express Styles . In the same year, he shone on the London catwalks. Jan literally embodies the slogan of "beauty is timeless," which many fashion houses and designers have begun to adopt in recent years.

We admire these beautiful ladies and envy their courage to go against the system. We wish our readers a happy New Year, and don't be afraid to go against the stereotypes generally accepted by society more frequently!

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