How the streets of different cities of the world looked 70 years ago?

Man had never even imagined that we would be able to sit in one place and see the past and the future. Through photographs, we can see our ancestors and their homes. This would be a unique article about how the 12 big cities of the world looked like 70 years ago? The Asian, European and American capitals dating back to 70 years in 1949 can only be found in photographs taken in that distant time. Havana, Washington, Beijing and Manila - these cities look so different in the same year that you want to see pictures of them again and again.

01. O'Connell Street, Dublin Ireland 1949
O'Connell Street, Dublin Ireland 1949
Source | Reddit / BordNaMonaLisa

02. Los Angeles, USA
Los Angeles, USA

03. Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines

04. Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

05. London, England
London, England

06. Chicago, USA
Chicago, USA

07. New York, USA
New York, USA

08. Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland

09. Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany

10. Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany

11. Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

12. Saint Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg, Russia

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