Girls came up with a festive trend with Christmas tree new hair style

On the eve of the New Year, everyone begins to decorate their homes, offices and create a festive mood. For several years now, girls at this time have been repeating the same trend - they are laying hair in the shape of a Christmas tree. Some even paint their curls in green to be as similar as possible to a forest beauty. Girls share their holiday hairstyles on social networks under the hashtag #christmastreehair. You only admire this New Year's forest!

Girls came up with a festive trend with new Christmas tree hair style

Herringbone-style styling has become a New Year trend
To achieve this shape, girls use small cones or plastic bottles
They comb their hair as high as possible, and then decorate with balls and beads
And, of course, complement the image with beautiful star and a garland
Each one has its own unique design
Some prefer to form a Christmas tree below
It looks no less impressive
In the vastness of the network, you can find different versions of this fun undertaking
They are all beautiful and create a festive mood.

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