Do you agree whether this girl's eyes are real or not?

Undoubtedly, Instagram is today the largest and most influential photo-sharing social media in the world, and there is a plethora of models, but few have the impressive visual appearance of young Ukrainian Maria Oz, a visual artist and model with extraordinarily eyes. big ones. Most of Maria's Instagram followers are convinced she has the biggest eyes in the world. To be honest, they look artificially large, at least in some of your photos. 

young Ukrainian Maria Oz, a visual artist and model with extraordinarily eyes

Source @ Instagram

This is why some people are sure that she uses editing software to change her appearance. This makes sense considering Maria Oz is a self-described visual artist who sometimes publishes edited photos of herself with an extremely long neck or different-colored eyes.

However, when it comes to her eyes, she claims that they are really big in real life.

Maria Oz told the Ukrainian website Beauty Hub that she started taking photos in 2016 after removing the appendix. She got bored after the surgery and tried to cook. 

That was not the best idea, as I was not allowed to eat much; so we tried photography and video. 

Her skills gradually improved, she started posting photos and videos on Instagram, and people noticed. She points out that success did not happen overnight, it came gradually. 

Finally, back to the feature that most highlights Maria Oz, your eyes may not be as big as in some of the photos, but they are definitely bigger than average. Just check out some of her videos on YouTube and you understand what I mean. 

Even though Maria Oz uses editing software to change her photos, she is certainly not the only social media influence who does that. Nowadays, we have completely fake social media templates, so what is a bit of Photoshop? 

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