Thursday, December 12, 2019

Charming beauties, in whose veins blood of different nationalities flows

Each person is beautiful in his own way, but the girls from our article, in whose veins the blood of several nationalities flows at once. Researches  showed that people with mixed blood seem more attractive to us than those with parents of the same region, but here we shows those who are from different nation. This is due to genes are inherited from heterogeneous parents, the viability of the “hybrid” increases. Whatever it was, but they really have some special appeal. And our selection is proof of that.

Kenya Kinski-Jones (Germany + African American roots)
Kenya Kinski-Jones

Source | @ kenyakinskij Instagram

Shanina Shayk (Pakistan + Lithuania)
Cindy Bruna (Congo + Italy)
Morgan Antush (Barbados + Native American roots + Slovakia + Switzerland + Ireland)

Phillipa Steele (Fiji + Tonga + France + England)

Hayley Kiyoko (Japan + England + Ireland)
 Eka Eioh (Caucasian roots + Nigeria)

Elena Sarattseva (Russia + Angola)

 Anaïs Mali (Poland + Chad)

Rola (Japan + Bangladesh) 

Dilia Martins (Holland + Nigeria)

Rashida Jones (UK + Israel + African American roots)

Carolyn Tavares (Portugal + Brazil + African American roots)

Dalian Arequion (Mauritius + Spain)

Alisha Dixon (England + Jamaica)

Rina Fukushi (Japan + Philippines)

Khadija Red Thunder (Native American roots + Spain + African roots)

Lauren Nicole Chin (China + Jamaica + African roots)

Sarah Lysander Carter (Norway + Nigeria)

Kiko Mizuhara (Japan + Korea + USA)

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