Sunday, December 15, 2019

He turned his 'Hummer 2' into an imposing and monstrous vehicle with 3 axles and 6 tires

The rudeness and imposing appearance of a Hummer 2 seemed insurmountable, until this man arrived to make it a more impressive vehicle.

It was not enough for the British Niall Seymour to have a robust H2 in his garage and he looked for a way to make it even bigger. He did it in the simplest but amazing way at the same time: he added two other tires to the rear. This is what a Hummer with three axles and six tires looks like.

World’s First 6 Wheeled Hummer SUVT

This monstrous transport is a combination of SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and SUVs. Seymour modified it and the result was this huge “SUVT”, the first in its class.

Niall started this project in 2006 only as a hobby, but he is very satisfied with the final appearance of his new truck, which measures a total of 2.1 meters high and six meters long.
World’s First 6 Wheeled Hummer SUVT

The modified H2 needs the power of a 6.0-liter V8 engine and its owner uses it to move mostly on the road and outdoors. Of course I could not drive it through the narrow streets of the city in the United Kingdom.

To give an idea of ​​the size of his Hummer, Seymour showed it in a video with a Ferrari Daytona Spider. It is so large that its weight is 3.5 tons.
World’s First 6 Wheeled Hummer SUVT

Too amazing to be true? Unfortunately it is. The detail with this H2 is that it only has traction on its four original wheels, while the rear axle moves freely. Too bad, but this man did what he could.

World’s First 6 Wheeled Hummer SUVT

Although it is not as powerful as we would like, at least this mastodon with tires is spectacular. Here you can see the presentation video of the unmatched all-terrain Hummer:

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