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21 Dresses That Look Much Better On Celebs Than On Models

The models have the ideal parameters, height and infinitely long legs to show off the clothes designed by the designers. Thanks to the constant fashion shows, more and more celebrities are getting their dresses selected with the help of stylists for the right occasion. There are those who like to wear extravagant clothing at all costs, but there are those who prefer the more conservative. In this post, we've brought you images that show the celebrity look a lot better with the outfits that the models are hanging out with. Lets see the 21 dresses that look much better on celebs than on models

21 dresses that look much better on celebs than on models

01. Christian Dior / Jennifer Lawrence
Christian Dior / Jennifer Lawrence
Either the actress or the stylist knows fashion as well as her palm, because one of the events included Christian Dior's dress added a belt that made the set even tighter.

02. Christian Dior / Jennifer Lawrence
Christian Dior / Jennifer Lawrence
This is the dress in which the actress fell at the Oscar award ceremony as she stepped up the stairs. Luckily, the actress didn't add the headdress she used to show her the dress.

03. Ralph & Russo / Penélope Cruz
Ralph & Russo / Penélope Cruz
Penélope Cruz is one of the stars who has trouble getting on the runway. This daring dress is no worse for the actress than the model.

04. Thierry Mugler / Kim Kardashian
Thierry Mugler / Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian girls are famous for their beautiful forms, which is why this outfit is more suited to Kimen than to the fashion model.  

05. Jean Paul Gaultier / Kim Kardashian
Jean Paul Gaultier / Kim Kardashian
This gold glittering robe-like dress is once again more and more attractive to Out.

06. Marques' Almeida / Rihanna
Marques' Almeida / Rihanna

The singer is famous for her daring outfits. So at first glance, a strange dress makes Rihanna a lot more stylish. Would you wear such a coat?  

07. Christian Dior / Rihanna
Christian Dior / Rihanna

The extravagant jacket simply looks breathtaking on the singer. This makes Rihana's appearance more attractive.

08. Giambattista Valli / Rihanna
Giambattista Valli / Rihanna

Rihanna looks quite different in this red dress than the model. Do you think she is better for the singer?

09. Ralph & Russo / Jennifer Lopez
Ralph & Russo / Jennifer Lopez

The beautiful JLO was never bothered by the fact that it is not as thin as most models. In fact, dresses look a little more full on fashion than on fashion models.

10. Gucci / Salma Hayek
Gucci / Salma Hayek

The Mexican actress does not strive for perfection because she is proud of her feminine forms. It usually comes in a variety of styles of clothing, and you aren't afraid to put on pieces that runway models.

11. Zuhair Murad / Chrissy Teigen
Zuhair Murad / Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy also reformed body tendencies. See how well she looks in this beautiful white dress.

12. Julien Macdonald / Krysten Ritter
Julien Macdonald / Krysten Ritter

Although the actress's parameters are similar to those of her model, the dress she wears is better than her.

13. Zuhair Murad / Nicole Kidman
Zuhair Murad / Nicole Kidman

The actress and model are roughly the same size, but it's hard to decide who they are.

14. Marc Jacobs / Rita Ora
Marc Jacobs / Rita Ora

The singer loves striking and extravagant outfits. Even with this feather, it has an attractive appearance. 

15. Zuhair Murad / Catherine Zeta-Jones
Zuhair Murad / Catherine Zeta-Jones

The actress has always been proud of her feminine form. Even though she is 50, she still wears striking clothes. In fact, there is one that suits him better than models.

16. Oscar de la Renta / Margot Robbie
Oscar de la Renta / Margot Robbie

For this very reason, it does not matter who wears the garment. The actress stands in stunning elegance.

17. Chanel / Margot Robbie
Chanel / Margot Robbie

 In bold and elegant dresses, Margot is simply incapable of making mistakes.

18. Alexandre Vauthier / Lucy Liu
Alexandre Vauthier / Lucy Liu

This interesting-looking barrel skirt is very stylish on Lucy Liu. The length of the dress was a bit more conservative for her, but that only added to her charm.
19. Balmain / Katy Perry
Balmain / Katy Perry

The singer loves unusual and absurd dresses. Who would have thought that this seemingly ridiculous piece was going to do him well? 

20. Balmain / Beyoncé
Balmain / Beyoncé

Beyoncé has a tremendous amount of confidence in her irresistible appearance, and sometimes takes on creative and extravagant pieces.

21. Balmain / Beyoncé
Balmain / Beyoncé

And while the singer's shape is far from that of the models, I would hardly dare to say that these outfits look worse.

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