Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Young Brazilian transforms old tires into kennels for dogs and cats

Young Brazilian transforms old tires into kennels for dogs and cats

Every year, billions of waste tires are produced that in no way find possibilities for reuse: they remain on the planet, polluting soil and water. Amarildo Silva is a young 22-year-old Brazilian who has turned hundreds of unused tires into kennels for dogs and cats - and more. 

His activity will not solve the long-standing environmental problem, but the message he sends is clear and engaging: to save the planet we must try to produce less waste!

Photo source | Instagram

Young Brazilian transforms old tires into kennels for dogs and cats → Amarildo Silva lives in Para├Čba, Brazil: in one year he has collected hundreds of tires, which he decided to give a second chance. After publishing his creations on Instagram, he received over 500 purchase orders, even outside Brazil.

The idea that has been most appreciated is the one that sees tires made into delicious kennels for dogs or cats. "For the time being I do not dedicate myself to selling because I do not have a suitable structure to take charge of international shipments, many people have contacted me from all over Brazil, the United States, Asia and Europe," Amarildo said.

Amarildo works as a cashier, but in his spare time he completely devotes himself to his passion for craftsmanship and recycling.

Not just kitchens: Amarildo has managed to find ways to convert waste tires into other objects, such as these recycling bins ...

... or these colorful planters.

With this activity Amarildo does not deny trying to earn some extra money, but to keep him company in every job is love, respect for the environment.

What started as a simple pastime is becoming a motivational message that has already been around the world: we produce less waste to save the environment!

What do you think of his works? Do you think it is worthwhile to dedicate yourself to recycling and do-it-yourself to marry an environmental issue?

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