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Top 10 products that are the most useful in the world

There are thousands of varieties of products, but the truth is that often tasty does not mean useful. We have collected for you TOP-10 of the most useful and at the same time tasty products in the world. By the way, this list in a more expanded format was published some time ago by the European Association of Nutritionists. So, if you want to know what you need to eat to benefit the body, while enjoying and taste, then this material is just for you and avoid fast food!

TOP-10 of the most useful and at the same time tasty products in the world. By the way, this list in a more expanded format was published some time ago by the European Association of Nutritionists.
1. In the first place, unexpectedly for many are ... tomatoes! Yes, it is these seemingly perfectly ordinary vegetables that took the first place in the world in terms of the amount of benefits to the body. The fact is that fresh tomatoes contain a special antioxidant lycopene, which has a devastating effect on potential tumors. Thus, tomatoes help with cancer prevention. In addition, their use is extremely useful for the heart and blood vessels! [Photo Source]


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2. Second place in the list of the most useful for the human body products is oatmeal. This food is a real storehouse of vitamins, proteins and fiber. Oatmeal has an extremely positive effect on your body, so we encourage you to eat it more often.

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit
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3. An honorable third place in the list of the most useful products is kiwi. This delicious green fruit has a huge amount of vitamins C, E and A, and kiwi seeds contain fatty acids that are incredibly needed by the body, known as omega-3. Among other things, kiwi beneficial effect on the bones.

Dark Grapes

dark grapes
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4. In the fourth place is the grapes, in particular - dark grapes. This berry has an exceptional effect on blood vessels, being the prevention of heart disease. In addition, grapes, like tomatoes, can be an excellent cancer prevention.


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5. In the middle of the list, in fifth place, is the fish and all other seafood. It makes no sense to even talk about the useful qualities of the fish, because everyone knows this very well. Eat fish and be healthy!


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6. The sixth place in our list is broccoli. This is an incredibly useful vegetable, which is recommended to eat the elderly, children, pregnant women, as well as anyone who wants to be healthy and follow the diet.


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7. In seventh place is the avocado. This fruit is not particularly popular in our latitudes due to its high cost and general inaccessibility, however, in its taste and all other qualities, avocados will give odds to any food! Among other things, eating avocado fruit is useful if you want to strengthen your cardiovascular system. And this fruit works as a nootrop, positively affecting the brain.

Chicken Eggs

chicken eggs

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8. Eighth place is chicken eggs. Many nutrition experts recommend eating at least five to six eggs a week, and some even eat them every day. Anyway, eggs are a source of protein, besides, they are an obstacle to rapid aging! So try at least a couple of times a week to eat for breakfast a couple of boiled or fried eggs.


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9. On the ninth place is garlic. Like fish, garlic does not need to be introduced, because its exceptional benefits have long been known. And garlic repels vampires. 

Olive oil

olive oil

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10. The tenth and final place on our list is olive oil. It has a beneficial effect on the stomach and the entire digestive system. Eat tasty and healthy food! This is the key to a long and happy life!

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  1. very good information, i heard coconut oil is good too ?


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